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For Individuals:

Total Tax Services will prepare your current year or any prior/delinquent year(s) Federal, California and all other state tax returns. If necessary, we will amend previously filed tax returns.

Whether you are moving, purchasing a home, starting a new job or your family size has changed; we are always available to discuss any tax law changes that may affect you. We will recommend possible tax saving strategies, that will enable you to make an informed decision before it is time to file your tax returns.


Total Tax Services provides free electronic filing (E-File) for applicable returns.

For Business Entities (Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, LLP, Non-Profit Organization):

Total Tax Services will prepare the appropriate tax return for your business entity by reviewing the books you provide to us, or with the information we have prepared throughout the year (if we provide your bookkeeping services). We will ask questions and give guidance, making sure your returns are correctly prepared.

For Trusts/Fiduciary:

At Total Tax Services we pride ourselves on taking the time to properly address every aspect of a trust in order to prepare correct trust returns. Each trust is carefully read by our specialists. Trust returns are prepared with great attention to detail and reviewed with our clients personally to answer any questions as they relate to tax matters.

Please note, we do not give legal advice and can refer you to qualified legal counsel as needed.



Total Tax Services can ensure accurate bookkeeping services for your business. Each month or quarter, we will be sure to reconcile your bank accounts, identify any unjustified expenses, and track the revenue growth of your company. We provide consultations to ensure understanding of your business and highlight which areas can be improved for your benefit. Once complete, we will prepare comprehensive, meaningful, well-organized financial reports for your records and internal analysis.


Upon request, our account managers can assist with your business accounts payable. These services include scheduling bill payments and completing deposits in order to ensure timely disbursement and effective avoidance of any late fees.


Payroll services are also available. Federal tax deposits are made through the EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) and your state of California EDD (Employment Development Department) deposits will be handled with an on-line payment option. All of your quarterly and annual federal & state payroll tax returns will be prepared as well as year-end W-2’s. Form 1099 preparation is also available.



Total Tax Services  can electronically file quarterly sales tax returns and schedule electronic sales tax payment for your business.


At Total Tax Services we take an active role in helping our clients decide which business entity is best for them. We make certain that you are fully aware of the advantages, disadvantages and the tax ramifications for your selection.

We process all necessary documents to form your new business entity and offer expert advice to ensure that you are fully exercising all of your options.


If you are receiving notices from the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization or other taxing agency about your past due balances, or if your tax return has been selected for an audit, Total Tax Services can help. Our highly qualified Enrolled Agents can represent you and relieve some of the stress you may be experiencing. With a very high success rate in past cases, you can trust that we will do our best to achieve tax relief for you


Tax planning is the key to successfully reducing your tax liability. Whether it is for your personal or business tax returns, we go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. Our tax specialists continuously seek recertification and mastery of each year’s tax law changes to be better equipped to help you make informed tax decisions for your future.

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