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Tax Preparation Services

For Individuals:

  • Preparation of current or any prior/delinquent years federal  and state tax returns

  • Recommendation for tax-saving strategies

  • Explanations of how the tax laws affect you

  • Free electronic filing (E-filing) for applicable returns

For Business Entities (Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, LLP, Non-Profit Organization):

  • A thorough review of the books

  • Preparation of tax returns for your business 

  • Consultations on new tax laws & saving

For Trusts/Fiduciary:

  • A detailed review of all trust documents

  • Preparation of trust/fiduciary returns

Please note, we do not give legal advice, but can refer you to qualified legal counsel, as needed.

Business Management


  • Accurate bookkeeping services for your business

  • Reconciliation of your bank, credit and cash accounts

  • Track the revenue growth of your company

  • Preparation of comprehensive, well-organized financial reports


  • Accounts payable & accounts receivable services 

    • Scheduling of bill payments​​

    • Set up of invoices and delivery

    • Completion of deposits


  • Customizable payroll to pay employees

  • Federal tax deposits  made through the EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

  • The state of California EDD (Employment Development Department) deposits expertly handled with an on-line payment 

  • Quarterly and annual federal & state payroll tax returns prepared, as well as year-end  W-3 & W-2’s. Form 1099 preparation is also available



  • E-filing of quarterly sales tax returns

  • Scheduling of electronic sales tax payments 

Incorporation Services

  • Assist you in selecting the entity that works best for your business

  • Processing of all the necessary documents to form your new business

  • Offer expert advice to ensure that you are fully exercising all of your options

Audit & Collections Representation

  • Review of notices received from IRS or any state taxing agencies

  • Offer in compromise and audit preparation 

  • On site or field representation by an Enrolled Agent available 

Tax Planning

  • Comprehensive analysis of financials to recommend tax-saving strategies

  • Maximize your after-tax income for your personal or business tax returns

  • Budgeting and forecasting of business financials and the impact on  your personal return

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